Quality EXtreme Rabbits [and Ducks] Since 2008

Operating in Humboldt County, California

We are proud to supply locally raised rabbits.

*We offer rabbits for show, breeding pairs, 4H/FFA projects or meat.

*We raise Satin and Silver Fox rabbits and we have several new litters monthly. All rabbits are pedigreed and come from great lines.

*We supply rabbit manure.


Buck and Daisy is a poultry farm specializing in rabbit that is operated by Dave MacCuish and located in Bayside, California.  Buck and Daisy was founded in 2008 when Dave decided to begin raising rabbits for his meat consumption. It was quickly discovered that there was a community-wide interest in rabbit meat, but very few local sources available.


Now Buck and Daisy is a small farm business that supplies locally raised rabbits for meat and for breeding, as well as locally raised duck to the people of Humboldt County.  The rabbits are bred for meat and also to meet breed standards, and the breeds are chosen based on their quality as meat animals, local availability, and their merit as heritage breeds.  The birds and rabbits are raised, processed, and sold directly by Buck and Daisy.

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